Utilize and Preserve Text- and Language-based Research Data

The Text+ consortium will preserve text- and language-based research data for the long term and enable their broad usage in the scientific community.

Areas of Work in Text+

The Text+ infrastructure focuses on language and text data, initially concentrating on digital collections, lexical resources, and editions. These are highly relevant for all language- and text-based disciplines, especially linguistics, literary studies, philosophy, classical philology, anthropology, non-European cultures and languages, as well as language- and text-based research in the social, economic, political, and historical sciences. Infrastructure/Operation aims for an integrated and coordinated Text+ service portfolio consisting of interoperable offerings and services.


The Text+ Werkschau or showcase provides a small insight into what research data management with Text+ can look like. The showcase was developed on the occasion of the 2024 Plenary and guides through the growing range of services offered by Text+ in seven images, in a relaxed and informative manner.

Vision and Mission

Vision: The text- and language-oriented humanities and social sciences extensively leverage the possibilities of digitization in their research, teaching, and transfer, establishing a common data culture.

Mission: We empower text and language data and access to such data. Access to digital sources should become a standard. We enhance the digital literacy of researchers. We encompass the diversity of the research community and build on their participation. We promote inter- and transdisciplinarity as well as innovation – for instance in the field of artificial intelligence – through the integration of infrastructure and research.