GND Agency Text+

Who Are We?

The GND Agency Text+ is a service established at SUB Göttingen as part of the NFDI-Program Text+.

As a partner of the GND (Integrated Authority File), the agency serves as the central point of contact, initially for projects in the humanities and cultural sciences that are funded under the NFDI consortium Text+. In the long term, there are plans to both institutionalize the service and expand its offerings to a broader project landscape.

What Do We Do?

The agency’s goal is to support projects in integrating their research data as standard data into the GND.

This includes:

  • Providing guidance on the suitability criteria of data for the GND.
  • Offering and advancing entityXML, the data format for the exchange of standard data between projects and the agency.
  • Providing a technical environment for data processing based on entityXML.
  • Integrating potential candidates into the GND.
  • Providing GND-IDs for the projects.

How Do We Support?

Contact Point: We are the first point of contact when you would like to integrate your data into the GND. If there is a project-specific need, we may refer you to one of our GND partner agencies.

Consultation Center (under development): We provide advice on GND-related questions and offer information materials.

Data Service: We assist in creating GND-compliant standard data. Your data will be validated, cleaned, enriched, and converted into the format required for data ingestion into the GND, enriched with a GND-ID and returned to you by us.

Contact: gnd-agentur[at]