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The Collections data domain encompasses language and text-based collections of written, spoken, or signed language and texts that were written based on scientific criteria. This includes text collections and corpora, mono- and multimodal recordings of language, as well as language- and text-related experimental or measurement data. The collections are provided in the distributed infrastructure of Text+ by various certified data centers, each with its own specializations.

For knowledge transfer and assistance with questions related to Collections and their integration, the Text+ Helpdesk is the primary contact point. It also serves as a contact address for projects wishing to integrate their research data into the Text+ infrastructure.

The data domain pays special attention to legal and ethical issues, serving as a point of contact within the consortium and beyond. For instance, derived text formats that enable the exploration of copyrighted resources without violating copyright are a particular focus. Other priorities include the community-based development of software services and the topic of Linked Open Data.

Contact Persons

The spokesperson for the Collections data domain is Dr. Peter Leinen, and it is coordinated by Philippe Genêt. Both work at the German National Library.

Participating Institutions